Are They Evil? Or Do They Just Not Understand?

August 28, 2012
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Fall of the CitizensFall of the Citizens
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Indie author Eric Thomas

A revolution has begun.

And it’s being led by a man known simply as Max. His weapon? Words. Powerful words, projected to a nation knocked flat by the ultimate battle between haves and have-nots.

As Eric Thomas‘s book “Fall of the Citizens” begins, a pharmaceutical company has obtained a lucrative government contract for a vaccine that the entire U.S. population craves.

The company prices the vaccine at $60,000 per shot, effectively denying it to all but the wealthiest Americans. The situation creates a class warfare powderkeg that only needs one thing to set it off – the words of a man named Max.

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The Indie Author Life

How much is too much?

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is squeamish.

So says Marie Drake on her blog “Marie Reads and Reviews.

But she also says she likes Fall of the Citizens

It kept me turning pages from the beginning and it was very difficult to put down.

The story was interesting, and it felt like something that could actually happen. It had plot twists that made me say outloud “Oh My God”, and my physical reactions while reading the book intrigued my husband enough to ask about what was going on. As I described it to him he also thought he would enjoy the book. I think he would enjoy it even more than I did, because the gruesome parts wouldn’t bother him.

I did have to skip over a little bit of the detailed violence. Just to tell me it happened would have been enough knowledge for me, the descriptive bloody detail was too much. But that will suit others very well, I am sure.

Read Marie’s complete review here.

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