Dark Comedy

What a Pain It Is, Being a Messiah

March 18, 2013
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The Reluctant MessiahThe Reluctant Messiah
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Eric Guindon

…. and Oliver??

Oliver Kirkle had a normal life — until prophecies got in the way.

In Eric Guindon‘s debut novel “The Reluctant Messiah” a multitude of cults, each with its own interpretation of the prophecies, think Oliver is their messiah.

And unfortunately for Oliver, that’s about the only thing they agree on.

“The Reluctant Messiah” is a dark comedy about a clueless supposed messiah trying to understand his true destiny.

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The Indie Author Life

In a recent blog post Eric Guindon confessed his long journey into novel writing. After long avoiding the leap, Guindon explains what happened to prompt him to write actively as he does now.

That something, he says, was NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month:

I learnt about it from Neil Gaiman’s blog (which I heartily recommend following). I was reading entries there and saw this mention of a thing with a weird name. I clicked the link and there began the real journey. Nanowrimo challenged me to write, and write a lot. The contest concept made it a challenge and made it fun to see if I could do it. I wrote a book and worked through the 50000 words and this forced me to write a complete long story with a proper beginning, middle, and end. Until you’ve done that, you don’t know if you can and knowing that you can, you start thinking you can again.

Having broken these barriers, after doing two years in a row, I knew I wanted to write more. That’s how you find me now, writing and self-publishing as a passion I have a hard time putting away. I’ve recently been re-writing two old short stories I had never felt I had done justice to in the past and they now both please me immensely and will be posted on kindle and smashwords very soon.

Read Eric’s entire blog post here.

And read more about NaNoWriMo here.

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