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Guaranteed: You Won’t Read Another Book Like This All Year

March 6, 2013
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Daniel Donatelli refers to his new book as “random bits of enjoyable writing.” We think you’ll find it’s a lot deeper than that.

Oh, Title!Oh, Title!
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“Oh, Title!” is a unique collection of non-fiction essays, short stories, and more. A literary yawp; a hundred thousand words; a compelling, sundry collection.

“Oh, Title!” is a one of a kind book. At times a humorous memoir of the author-be-damned, at times a compilation of eclectic fiction, this strange book is almost always one page away from turning into something else.

Daniel Donatelli

As Dan puts it, “You’ll grip it tensely, then you’ll put it down to laugh, then you’ll tuck it under your arm while you look up a wonderful new word — but always you’ll go to it with affection.”

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The Indie Author Life



WTF is up with Dan Donatelli’s language? As he explainsL

For someone who has read libraries of books in his life, and who listens to long lectures on linguistics while exercising, I use “bad words” an awful lot. In my defense, recently I heard of a study where they discovered that using bad words might actually help people deal with pain. In the study, they submerged people in ice-cold water, and the group that was allowed to curse lasted a lot longer in the water than the group that was only allowed to shout neutral words.

So basically what I’m saying is that I swear a lot because I have a lot of pain within me; after all, nobody sets out to be a poet/author at the age of twelve because he or she is brimming with joy.

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