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Price, McBain, Move Over. Ryan Owns NYC Now

February 19, 2013
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City of WoeCity of Woe
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Indie author Christopher Ryan

What if Paul Farrington, a veteran fixer for a shady corporation, found himself targeted for elimination just as he was trying to finance his daughter’s Ivy League education? How far would he go to provide for his family and keep them safe?

What if Detectives Frank Mallory and Alberto “Gunner” Gennaro were forced to play catchup with a killer, who may or may not be a demon, and who leaves trails of Dante-esque murders, each occurring further south in Manhattan and deeper into his version of The Inferno?

And how could these situations be connected?

As Christopher Ryan‘s novel “City of Woe” unfolds, how long can the detectives stick to strict police procedure when confronted with increasingly bizarre events? Especially once those events begin invading Mallory’s private life? And how does he find a balance between his rejection of the case’s alleged demonic elements and his strong desire to believe his dying father’s visions of long-dead relatives beckoning him to heaven?

When must a detective reconsider what exists outside man’s law?

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The Indie Author Life


Not long ago, Chris Ryan gave his first public talk on “City of Woe,” at his local library. He previewed it on his blog ChrisRyanWrites, acknowledging the pressure he was feeling to perform well – at least well enough to not embarrass himself in front of his neighbors:

The really odd thing about giving a first-ever book talk is there is no way to really know what I am doing. Sure, I can fake it (yep, that’s the main thrust of the plan), mimicking what I have seen “real writers” do when they give talks. I saw Richard Price give a reading two times; for me, it was like seeing the Beatles, then the Rolling Stones. I can do what he did. Except he’d already done hundreds of these (in my mind any way), he was a Pro, An Established, Beloved Writer. I’m just a schmo starting his dream, talking at his local library; what do I have to say?

Lots, actually, and that is the beautiful, awkward truth about all of us. We write because we have lots to say, and deep down, if we are really truthful with ourselves, we want to talk about it. That’s why we started writing in the first place, because we had so much to say.

Read the entire blog post here.

But don’t stop there. Chris Ryan also opines on “How to Tell if the Spouse Loves You“:

Guys, you know your wife loves you if:

1) You wake up in the morning, period.

(Men are so annoying in general, it is amazing we are not slaughtered in our sleep as a rule. So, if you wake up tomorrow, and you’re not dead, score!)

We definitely need to see more from Chris Ryan.

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