Thriller / Suspense

Star-Crossed (and Border-Crossed) Lovers

April 23, 2013
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It begins with a perilous journey to seek a better life.

Alan Larson‘s suspense thriller “Mexizona” then adds a spark, that builds to an unquenchable flame, for two star-crossed lovers torn apart by the values and prejudices of their family and friends.

“Mexizona” is a story set amidst the current Arizona – Mexico border crisis.

Alan Larson

The book takes on the cultural, political and social challenges surrounding the immigration debate, while bringing them all to a personal level that no dry congressional debate can touch.

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The Indie Author Life

According to Wikipedia, “Romeo and Juliet” may be the most-filmed play of all time:

The play has been widely adapted for TV and film. In 1960, Peter Ustinov’s cold-war stage parody, Romanoff and Juliet was filmed.[128] The 1961 film of West Side Story—set among New York gangs–featured the Jets as white youths, equivalent to Shakespeare’s Montagues, while the Sharks, equivalent to the Capulets, are Puerto Rican.[181] The 1994 film The Punk uses both the rough plot outline of Romeo and Juliet and names many of the characters in ways that reflect the characters in the play. In 2006, Disney’s High School Musical made use of Romeo and Juliet’s plot, placing the two young lovers in rival high school cliques instead of feuding families.[182] Film-makers have frequently featured characters performing scenes from Romeo and Juliet.[183] The conceit of dramatising Shakespeare writing Romeo and Juliet has been used several times,[184] including John Madden’s 1998 Shakespeare in Love, in which Shakespeare writes the play against the backdrop of his own doomed love affair.

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One Response to Star-Crossed (and Border-Crossed) Lovers

  1. Marge Anderson
    July 22, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    After reading about your book in the Free Press, I got it on my Nook and have just finished it. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one! Keep up the good work.

    Just listened to your interview on The Bookcast. Your laugh sounds just like the old Al I knew years ago.

    Good luck!

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