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War, Holocaust, Rebellion – and Dragons and Runics

March 20, 2013
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Indie author A. Wrighton

Rule #1: Stay the Udlast away from the Dragons.Rule #2: Defy the Council or die trying.Where does it end?

Defiance: Dragonics & Runics Part I
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Over a generation ago, the Council ordered the systematic extermination of the magic wielding Runic race. A few Dragonics refused to participate and instead demanded justice. But their call to defiance came too late; no Runics survived.

Now, in A. Wrighton‘s fantasy “Defiance: Dragonics & Runics Part I,” those against the Council’s oppressive reign have long since been cast out to the fringes of society, their numbers and determination dwindling.

Alaister Paine, commander of the Rogue Dragonics, leads the Resistance with little hope of success. Until he deciphers one of his predecessor’s logs.

Within the cryptic text, Alaister learns that one Runic — a girl of untold power — was hidden from the Council’s grasp. Find the girl, and the Rogues will finally be able to enact a long lost Prophecy to bring freedom back to Solera.

Trouble is .. they are not the only ones searching for the last Soleran Runic.

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Listen to A. Wrighton

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The Indie Author Life

Early in our interview, A.W. makes reference to “anchoring,” a crucial skill for writers of fantasy. Create the world you will, she says, but as she points out in a recent blog post called “World Building for Fantasy and Sci Fi Writers,” A.W. advises writers be sure and take care of that essential element:

I am of the firm belief that to achieve complete believability, a writer has to anchor their story to humanity and Earth in some small or big way. Are there stories that don’t do this? Yes. But they are harder to read and believe – they are harder to follow. Don’t make your reader work, they should be enjoying your writing not working with it.

It’s easy to go crazy with World Building but you need to realize there is a fine line between amazing hand-crafted worlds, and confusing worlds full of too much to let the story shine through.

Anchoring with humanity and Earth means that the World you build has some foundation in Earth and humanity.

Read the complete post here.

And here’s the trailer for A. Wrighton’s “Defiance: Dragonics & Runics Part I”:

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2 Responses to War, Holocaust, Rebellion – and Dragons and Runics

  1. Deborah McIntosh
    March 20, 2013 at 2:02 am

    Dear Mr.Thompson,
    What a fantastic interview! Not only were your thoughtful questions engaging, but A.Wrighton is one one the most articulate, well spoken authors I have had the pleasure to hear in a long time.

    I enjoyed her descriptive analysis of the writing method and advice to authors she mentors, as well as the process by which she creates and develops her characters.

    I hope this interview goes viral and she sells many copies of her novels. You are to be commended for allowing new authors to have a platform and to showcase their passion and knowledge.


    • March 20, 2013 at 8:52 am

      Deborah, thanks so much for your kind words. I, too, think AW is a great talent and a terrific interview. Help me take it viral!

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