Iain Cosgrove

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Iain Cosgrove was born in Canada to English parents. He was educated in the UK and went on to study at Brighton Polytechnic, before starting a career in IT. He moved to Dublin in 1988 with his (beautiful, she’s looking over his shoulder!) future wife, and subsequently got married and had three sons. He is currently an IT Director for a Pharma company.

Ian adds:

A bit about my writing……..

I have been writing in my spare time for the last 20 years, more or less. I have written three novels (so far), a number of short stories and I have a number of projects underway, including an idea for a short story collection that’s also a novel.

Kids sort of got in the way of my writing for a while (in a good way!) but a Sony Dictaphone and Dragon Naturally Speaking software have given me two hours of productive writing per day (depending on traffic!)

I had my very first flash fiction story accepted for publication by CafeLit, a literary cafe project at Salford University in early 2011 which was really exciting at the time. I have since had stories accepted for Indigo Rising magazine, a Twist of Noir blogspot, and two stories for Every Day Fiction (my first payment for writing!)

I have poured my heart and soul into this new project THE STORM PROTOCOL, and have written the kind of book that I would like to read.

Oh yeah – and finally I’m age 46!

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