How to Get Me to Like Your Book

July 31, 2012
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I get excited when I read indie author writing that is really good.

So good I have to tell somebody. Hillary, my wife, is most commonly the recipient, willing or otherwise, of my run-on sentences of enthusiasm, but just as often it’s a co-worker, one of my daughters, or my Facebook friends.

In fact, it has become one of my most valuable tools in helping me decide whom to interview for The Bookcast, and whose books to introduce you to.

The best books have a way of captivating me almost instantly, with a line of dialogue, a unique turn of phrase, or a funny situation tightly described.

And here’s the most fascinating (to me) part: this holds true even when the book is in a genre I normally think I will not like.

Let me say that again: even if I didn’t think I would like a given book, if the writing is electric and alive, it will keep me reading. And telling Hillary about it.

When I can’t stop talking about an indie author’s book over dinner, when I can’t wait to interview the author, when I find myself thinking about that book even when I’m not working on The Bookcast, I know I’ve got something to bring to you.

Sample the interviews here on The Bookcast, read some of the “First Ten” book samples, and I promise you’ll find an indie author whose work you’ll want to tell everyone about, too.


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