Harriet Tramer

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Ever since she was quite young, Harriet Tramer has known that writing would always be a major part of her life. She fully intended to be creative with words, practicing this craft whenever possible. And to her great joy, opportunities to do just that have come her way as she has worked as both a journalist and a college instructor. The connections between writing and being a journalist are obvious. While it also involves information gathering skills, the word “writing” is the operant term in the phrase “writing articles.” But the connection between being an instructor and being a writer are not as clear. And that is where computers come into the picture. Harriet teaches online classes at the New School in New York City plus other schools and she fills computer screen after computer screen with instructions for completing assignments and comments on papers that are submitted.

In addition to writing and teaching, Harriet has a very wide range of interests. She busies herself with everything from yoga to horseback riding and music. Keeping physical active is a major priority as is keeping her mind occupied with things that are happening in our ever changing world.

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