Great Summer Indie Reads

July 14, 2012
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Tired of vampires, shades of grey, or “The Hunger Games”? Looking for the new author, the next voice, the refreshing innovative book you can’t put down?

Let us introduce you to them.

The Bookcast has been in a brief hiatus, but now we’re ready to bring you a whole new group of very talented authors and their brilliantly conceived new books.

  • A powerful woman accepts her party’s presidential nomination, on the same night her closest aide is forced to make a terrifying choice that will affect his future and hers.
  • A young man escapes a slave ship in the Caribbean and finds his way to an island, which could prove to be his paradise or his prison.
  • A graveyard-shift convenience store clerk is plucked from her comfortable rut by a strange old woman with superhuman abilities.

And if the summer’s usual recital of political pap is numbing your senses, try these non-fiction books:

  • A professional Hollywood tour guide shares the little-known, humorous anecdotes he began collecting years ago to tell his customers.
  • Meet a wise teacher who will show you the way of “soul-full” eating.

And for the younger readers at your house:

  • Meet Nora Van Zan Bergen, who’s decided to hereafter go by the name of Piccolo
    Poggioli, as we look over her shoulder while Piccolo makes impassioned – and hilarious – diary entries.

These are just a few of the interviews with indie authors we’ll be bringing you in coming days here at The Bookcast. “Like” this post on Facebook to tell your friends who are, like you, eager to find something really good to read this summer.

Of course, browse through our interviews with many other very talented writers (and sample their books). We’re sure you’ll be back for more.

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