Fall Preview, Part One

August 18, 2014
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Don’t you love writing that pulls you right into a story and draws a curtain around you?

When The Bookcast relaunches Labor Day week, we’ll be introducing you to authors whose books do exactly that,

One of the very talented indie authors you’ll meet uses magical rereadingalism to explain one teenager’s metamorphosis:

“…just staying on that stallion was a major accomplishment in itself. But when I finally got to the other side of that corral my aunt was hardly inclined to congratulate me. As a ranch hand somehow managed to toss a rope over Big Red’s neck, she began screaming and waving her arms around so wildly I thought she might propel herself into flight. And that is exactly what I wished would happen because then she would be out of my way.”

Also, we’ll talk with the author of a magically delicious story about coming of age, what memory really means, and a chair (!) that seems to have extraordinary power:

“So Joe went home. That very night, partly as an apology to his wife for losing their sacred bond of love embodied in the thin band of gold, and partly to prove that his growing suspicions couldn’t be true, he impregnated her in three thrusts. The smallest cell in the body met the largest and both of their lives were changed.

When Ezekiel popped into the world, it was night and snowing, and the whole hushed city was like a big church. The few people who braved the streets walked with heads bowed as though ashamed.”

And you’ll meet a bestselling author whose latest is a powerful story of the price war exacts on those who fight as well as their families:

“When he’d walked in the door as a civilian again, Proton had bounded up to him and deposited a tennis ball at his feet as if the whole war had merely been a lengthy interruption of their endless game. For that, he felt gratitude. On the seventh day of his search, he surprised himself by weeping, unable even to choke the dog’s name out. That morning he returned home to find his grandmother had died in her sleep and the house in chaos.

After that he didn’t look for Proton anymore.”

Join us September 3,  and come back for great conversation with some of the world’s most talented indie authors.


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