Debbianne DeRose

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Debbianne DeRose specializes in honest humorous explorations of all things “woo-woo”– that is, metaphysical, spiritual, paranormal, New Agey — with intent to empower and entertain. She’s the author of the memoir “What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation” and the soon-to-be-released “How I Met the Man of My Dreams: Reflections on the MANifestation Process.”

Oddly enough, she was formerly formally trained in the Conservative Arts of engineering and economics, and enjoyed stints as database geek, non-profiteer, bricolage artist and inadvertent house flipper before diving into the world of wordsmithery.

She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where she can swim regularly in the seas of woo, buoyed always by her Jersey girl sensibilities and sense of humor. After all, there’s nothing serious going on here.

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