Dan Chabot

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Dan Chabot is a veteran newspaper editor, writer and columnist who spent 25 years with the Milwaukee Journal, much of that time as the editor of its popular and beloved Green Sheet, a feature section printed on green paper that specialized in whimsical and offbeat stories, humor and advice columns, puzzles and games, and of course, the comic strips.

He wrote a popular column called The Greenskeeper that engaged readers in offbeat and improbable contests, such as finding the people with the worst handwriting in Milwaukee (doctors were declared ineligible, because they were considered professional scrawlers), or searching neighborhoods to find homes with the most interesting, imaginative and creative mailboxes. The Green Sheet also provided helpful advice on St. Patrick’s Day to folks caught without something green to wear — a handy template on how to cut up the Green Sheet in a precise way to make a quick necktie!

Chabot also wrote for other sections of the paper. One of his travel stories, about a visit with his family to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, was quoted in a Hall of Fame publication, and also wound up in Paul Dixon’s book, “Famous Baseball Quotations.”

Chabot is a native of Ontonagon, Michigan, where he served right out of college as assistant editor of the local weekly. After a stint with a daily newspaper in the San Francisco Bay Area, he joined The Journal. Some of the scenes in Godspeed are set in and around his home town, and his many years in newsrooms give him insights to create realistic newspaper settings.

These days Chabot lives in Florida. He and his wife, Mary Ellen, are the parents of three grown sons and five grandchildren. Godspeed: a love story is his first novel, and he’s now at work on a second.

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