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Christopher Ryan spent eight years as an award-winning Bronx crime and politics reporter in the 1980s, a chaotic and dangerous period in New York City history. He comes from a family of NYPD alum. His father spent 28 years as an officer and sergeant in the South Bronx, his brother – a 20 year veteran – worked as a detective, and his cousin retired as a captain – garnering him with an intimate knowledge of the NYPD and the world of crime. “It is sort of the family business,” he jokes.

Ryan left reporting and a flirtation with joining the NYPD himself to teach in The Bronx for five years. He has taught at Hackensack High School for the past 16 years and says City of Woe was also greatly inspired by his time teaching Creative Writing, Journalism, Drama, and English – and especially by discussing “The Inferno” with his students.

He is the founder of Seamus and Nunzio Productions, LLC, along with his wife, Tina. The New Jersey-based production company is the hub for the family’s creative pursuits, including Zombies of New Milford, an independent comedy currently in post-production. He earned his MA in English/Creative Writing at Rutgers University and received the university’s English Award for Highest Distinction in Literary Studies for his master’s thesis – an earlier draft of City of Woe.

Honored three times by Writer’s Digest, most recently with an honorable mention in the “best television/film script” category of the 80th annual Writer’s Digest Writer’s Competition (for Zombies of New Milford) and twice for short stories featuring City of Woe’s main characters, Ryan has also been the recipient of the Best News Columnist award (NYS Newspaper Association) and Journalist of the Year (Children Are Precious), as well as citations from the City Council of New York, the Borough President, and the 47th Precinct. He’s been honored for playwriting by the Bronx Council on the Arts and has received a T.W. Wharton Award for screenwriting.

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