A Good Story Well Told

August 13, 2014

Isn’t that what we as readers look for in any book we pick up, whether it’s by an indie author or a famous writer? A good story well told. We all have our favorite kinds of fiction.  I’m partial to mystery-suspense. And most readers can name at least one genre they don’t particularly like.  Vampire stories  and epic fantasy  generally leave me cold. So why do I interview the indie authors of books I probably wouldn’t otherwise…

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What The Bookcast Is Not

August 11, 2014

Do you know how some websites or podcasts choose the indie authors they’re going to interview? Show ‘em the money. Cash talks, and in some venues the main — or only — criterion is, did the check clear? With all due respect to the authors who fork over the fee,  that’s not very helpful to the reader just looking for a good story, well-told. The Bookcast does not solicit nor accept payment from any author for…

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The Bookcast’s Fall Relaunch

August 4, 2014

Hello friends, I apologize for being “off the grid” for a while, and want to update you as I resume my work. A chronic health problem — thankfully neither painful nor life-threatening — made it impossible to concentrate on my work, and The Bookcast became a burden I could not keep up with. Now, however, things are again looking better and I’m ready to start anew. I thank you. my readers, for your patience. I’m…

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Book of Exceptional Quality Giveaway

May 18, 2013

Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a Kindle ebook copy of Garrett Addison’s novel “The Traveller,” the latest winner of The Bookcast “Book of Exceptional Quality” award. Just click on “Giveaways” at the top of this page.

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Fear No Evil in The “Valley of the Shadows”

December 10, 2012
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Claire and Barloe are cousins, who had almost forgotten the enchanting adventures their Aunt Mim used to tell them about, when they were little girls. Her tales always began with, “Long ago in a faraway land…” But Aunt Mim is gone now, as Amre Cortadino‘s novel “Valley of the Shadows: Kingdom of Hillael” opens. “Long ago in a faraway land…”A priceless treasure, meant to forge an accord between the kingdoms of the KinKades and the…

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Authors, What’s Up With Your Websites?

November 5, 2012

For many generations a business card or calling card was the basic medium of introduction in western society. A century or so ago a telephone number became a necessary addition, and in the last fifteen years, a website. Today, if you’re a writer, a business card, a phone number, and a website are not enough. Not even a pretty website with an “About Me” page, a pic of your dogs, and a link to your…

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