Science Fiction & Fantasy

She May Be The Key to Earth’s Survival

October 10, 2014

Fiery tornadoes cut through quiet forests. Balls of lightning burn everything in their paths. Earthquakes open chasms that swallow vehicles whole. Clement is reeling from a new onslaught of curses, and it all started the day a mysterious, giant woman arrived at Jenna’s school. In Dave Becker‘s young adult supernatural fantasy “The Apolline Sibyl,” Jenna Hamilton was just hoping for a normal sophomore year of high school. Instead she finds herself trapped in the middle…

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Time Is Running Out For The Rogues

September 22, 2014

Never belonging anywhere was something you got used to, at least in Bandorea. Wanting something more, was something you learned to shun. But when presented with the chance to change your fortune and pursue your dreams, do you take it? Even if it risks your happiness, your family, and your life? And, if you did take that chance, how do you convince your realm’s mortal enemies that you only mean to help and live to…

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Denying Her Fairy Heritage Could Be Dangerous

September 16, 2014

Once upon a time, there was civil war in Faerie. But that was a long time ago – so long ago that even the few Fayborn who know who they are can’t be sure what really happened. Still, many Fayborn believe in the Restoration, the hope of returning to an unbroken Faerie, a Faerie made new. Petra Goodfellow – descendent of Robin Goodfellow, legendary Advisor and Royal Jester to Oberon, the Fairy-King – is the…

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Why Is a Godlike Computer Drawing Children To It?

September 9, 2014
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A galaxy is being ripped apart by catastrophic violence, and the Galactic Coalition stands perilously close to collapse. In Kevin McCormick‘s sprawling novel “The Silence and the Light” — book two of the “Children and Ghosts” quintet — civil war has spread to nearly every inhabited planet and shows no signs of slowing. And a godlike computer called Legion threatens the human race, and has begun drawing seven children with strange powers to itself, for…

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Nothing Spoils a Memory Like the Truth

September 4, 2014
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Thirteen-year-old Ezekiel is an anxious adolescent, for whom scientific testing reveals the distressing prediction of a long but loveless life. Too bad for Ezekiel, since even the smell of a female sends a shock straight to his underpants. So, in Jenny Drummey’s novel “Unrequited” he decides he must convince his shrewish mother to let him travel, to visit the one person who can prove that terrible prophecy wrong: his stepmother. Ezekiel’s distant father Joe and…

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The Rebirth of the Human Race

January 29, 2014
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Mankind is undergoing rebirth. New arrivals are closely watched by the Selected, the transgenic beings created by the Moirai. New communities thrive with the aliens’ support, and peace and security reign on Eridu, as the planet Earth is now known by the Moirai and in the galaxy. But in Massimo Marino‘s science fiction thriller “Once Humans,” peace and security of the cradle are suddenly shattered by acts of sabotage set to disrupt the fragile balance…

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