The Down-to-Earth Children of Asgard

September 19, 2014

Thrud is a teenage girl, who has an after-school job waiting tables. Her younger, twin brothers Magni and Modi, have the usual problems with school, bullies, family issues, as do the other children they know. But these are no ordinary youngsters. These are “The Aesir Kids” – that’s the title of the new novel for young readers by James Goldin, and his daughter Charlotte. It’s a fantasy built on actual Norse mythology. Along with other…

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A Child Learns to Pay It Forward

April 1, 2013
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Fourth-grader — almost fifth — Shelby Summers lives four houses down from Mr. T. Shelby’s mom and dad, and Mrs. T, are very active, but when Mr. T becomes sick with cancer he wants to do something to give back to his community. And Shelby will be the perfect person to help him!

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An Adventure Story for the Ages

March 1, 2013
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For Mattie O’Reilly, who was eleven and just a frizzy red-haired fifth grader, magic wasn’t even a remote possibility. Not in the basement of Sears in Hackensack, New Jersey anyway. But October 10, 1968, would end very differently than it began. In “Mattie Spyglass and the 8 Magic Stones,” the debut adventure novel by Shoba Sreenivasan, a mysterious antique spyglass chooses Mattie as its mistress, and hurls Mattie and her friends Eddie and Geeta, and…

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Terrified, Lost In The Woods – With a Ghost

January 15, 2013
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Somewhere in Algonquin Park, a three thousand square mile forest in northern Ontario, Canada, wanders fourteen-year-old Mary Elizabeth. Separated from her family during a weekend camping trip, M.E. must draw upon every ounce of strength and resolve to face the harsh landscape, wild animals and psychological battles that endanger her. In Brenda Murray‘s novel “The Haunting of M.E.” Mary Elizabeth’s journey through these woods takes her through some of the uncharted territory of her own…

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Fiona Debuts With a Bang

October 31, 2012
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Fiona Thorn is an ornery orphan – with an expertise in explosives. When Fiona sets out to rescue her imprisoned friend Jaydin Rowan, she wants nothing more than a few sleeping guards and a satchel full of Blast. What she gets is a run-in with three bickering princesses that puts all four girls on the wrong side of a locked dungeon door. So now, in Jen Barton‘s book for young readers, “Fiona Thorn and the…

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