We’ve Hit 100!

March 11, 2013

One hundred is a significant number. There are 100 years in a century, 100 U.S. Senators, and a score of 100 on a test usually means an A+. And now 100 is a milestone for The Bookcast. Last Friday, with the posting of our interview with Nancy Madore, The Bookcast has now presented 100 indie author interviews. That is 100 introductions we’ve made to new and exciting writers of thrillers, sci-fi/fantasy, short stories, memoirs, even…

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A Big Week Ahead

March 9, 2013

Good friends love to share good news. And we have two announcements coming this next week to The Bookcast that we’re eager to tell you about: On Monday, we’re going to pass along word of a significant milestone The Bookcast has reached. And on Thursday, we’re taking the wraps off a major new effort by The Bookcast to highlight the very best work by indie authors. Come on by on both days so we can…

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Why I Don’t Charge Authors to be Interviewed

September 1, 2012

Indie authors and the book world have been abuzz this week over a New York Times article on book reviews for sale – and particularly positive reviews. The article, about onetime review entrepeneur Todd Rutherford, raised awkward questions for authors, especially indie authors, who are tasked with finding attention for their books while finding that, frustratingly, many reviewrs still won’t touch self-published books. Yet, in the same way you can’t get a job without experience…

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Have You Met Any Indie Authors Recently?

August 4, 2012

Have you met any indie authors recently? If you’ve been visiting The Bookcast, you’ve met… .. a writer who reimagines the notion of past lives, in a touching story of a woman and her soulmate. .. an indie author who used some of his own experience working the graveyard shift to come up with a heart-pounding thriller. .. the Kentucky writer who discovered a little-known chapter in his state’s history and built a riveting political…

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Great Summer Indie Reads

July 14, 2012

Tired of vampires, shades of grey, or “The Hunger Games”? Looking for the new author, the next voice, the refreshing innovative book you can’t put down? Let us introduce you to them. The Bookcast has been in a brief hiatus, but now we’re ready to bring you a whole new group of very talented authors and their brilliantly conceived new books. A powerful woman accepts her party’s presidential nomination, on the same night her closest…

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The Bookcast Is Here

October 11, 2011

Welcome! You’ve discovered the newest place to discover indie authors. We launched a few days ago, with five outstanding indie authors, and we have many more lined up to introduce to you in coming days. We’re not like most of the websites you’ve probably seen that claim to spotlight new indie authors. Most of those are little more than vanity websites for vanity authors. The Bookcast is for readers. We know you’re hungry for good…

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