Can You Help The Bookcast?

April 13, 2015

Hello, friends of The Bookcast! “Where have you been, Bill?” is a question I hear a lot lately. I have not closed down The Bookcast, and my absence has not been by choice. Last December there was a fire in our condominium building in suburban Baltimore, Maryland. Fortunately no one was injured, but smoke damage to the premises was considerable. In January my wife, cat, and I were forced to relocate to a hotel while…

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ICYMI – Indie Authors on The Bookcast Sep 1-5, 2014

September 7, 2014

The Bookcast’s Fall Relaunch

August 4, 2014

Hello friends, I apologize for being “off the grid” for a while, and want to update you as I resume my work. A chronic health problem — thankfully neither painful nor life-threatening — made it impossible to concentrate on my work, and The Bookcast became a burden I could not keep up with. Now, however, things are again looking better and I’m ready to start anew. I thank you. my readers, for your patience. I’m…

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Marking a Milestone: 10,000 Interviews

September 25, 2013

There aren’t many times in life that you get the chance to do something that is not only fun and inspiring but that puts you in close proximity to the world’s best thinkers, doers, creators, leaders, and heroes. Rarer still is the chance to keep doing that for many years. It was about a year ago that I first realized I was closing in on an important milestone in my author-interviewing career: my ten thousandth…

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What’s Been Going On

August 10, 2013

Hi folks … You’ve noticed we’ve been adding interviews at a more leisurely pace recently. The Bookcast is in the process of being moved to a new server, and the move is taking a bit longer than I’d anticipated, for reasons the wizard can’t pull back the curtain and reveal. There may also be, in the next few days, a brief period when the site looks and/or behaves differently than you’re used to. Thanks for…

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We Have “Traveller” Winners

June 2, 2013

Congratulations to Manish Kumar and S.B., winners of our giveaway of Garrett Addison’s novel “The Traveller.” Garrett’s offbeat story of a businessman who looks for a way to exact revenge on a boss-from-hell is the most recent winner of The Bookcast “Book of Exceptional Quality” distinction.

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