Birgitte Rasine

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Photo: Adrien Seffrin

Czech-American author Birgitte Rasine writes literary fiction that pulls the beauty and the pain of the human experience out into the open by their very roots. It’s raw, it’s resolute, and it’s real. Every story Birgitte writes is born from an actual event or experience and probes the deeper, if inconvenient, truths about the human psyche and modern society.

Compared by some to Franz Kafka, James Joyce, and Edgar Allan Poe, Birgitte’s work leaves you doubting whether the ground you’ve been walking on is really as solid as you thought.

Birgitte’s innate curiosity about the human soul and the human experience fuels the fires of her propensity to probe far beyond the usual pleasantries of social relationships and ask the questions no one really likes to talk about. These twisting undercurrents, like grapes slowly maturing on the vine, have shaped Birgitte’s signature literary style, the “thought-stream” stories that debuted with “Confession.”

In her professional lifetime, Birgitte has sported a great many writer’s hats: journalist, poet, playwright, screenwriter, business editor, copywriter. She composed her first poem at the age of six in Czech, her native language, reciting it in the evenings to her baby sister when they were both supposed to be sleeping. As a journalist, she wrote for Business Week, The Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety, the entertainment media industry’s two leading publications, and Diálogo Mediterráneo, a tri-lingual journal on policy, economy and the environment in the Mediterranean region. From 1994 to 1996 she wrote screenplays for an independent production company in Los Angeles; in 1997, three of her plays for children were staged in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to that, she worked in visual effects, camera and lighting on Hollywood and independent feature films for companies such as PDI/Dreamworks, ILM, Universal Studios, HBO, and Disney, and credits them for giving her time in the trenches.

In addition to her writing, Birgitte serves as the Chief Evolution Officer (CEO) of LUCITŔ Inc., a hybrid design and communications firm. Birgitte holds a BA in Film Aesthetics from Stanford University, studied cinematography at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, and completed a professional masters degree in international relations in Spanish at the Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset in Madrid, Spain. She is a Founding Circle member of the Association of Women in Water, Energy and the Environment, as well as member of other professional organizations, and sits on the board of directors of the American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies, a non profit organization in New York City dedicated to supporting the leaders of tomorrow. She lives in Northern California with her family.

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