James Ferron Anderson

Author of:
"The River and The Sea"

Born in Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, James Ferron Anderson worked as a glassblower, weaver and soldier. He came to England with his family around 1990, partly to study, and partly to escape the bigotry and violence that was Ulster in those years. The IRA had already shot him through the left arm. That seemed a close enough call.

In Norwich he worked in gardens, factories, the Post Office, and in supermarkets. He entered his first short story competition, partly because it was Irish. He won it, and 2000 euro, most of which he spent taking his family to Kerry to receive the prize. He won an Escalator Arts Council Award. He also began to visit British Columbia, at first to find his long-lost brother, then purely because he loved its wildness and beauty.

His novel set there, The River and The Sea, was entered for and won the Rethink Press New Novel Award, 2012. Influences have ranged from Buster Keaton to Hemingway, Graham Greene, John Cheever, Kerouac, Carver, Charles Bukowski… anywhere he found emotion and often humour, but always lyricism with precision.