S.C. Cunningham

Author of:
"The Penance List" 60 sec preview:

Ex-model, convent-educated with Irish roots, S.C. Cunningham has worked within the very industries that fuel her storylines, giving authenticity to her work.

Fashion: catwalk model
Media: headed up music to film production company
Music: with ex-husband, sax player Raf Ravenscroft (of Gerry Rafferty's 'Baker Street', Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye & Tina Turner band fame)
Football: Chelsea FC, Euro2000, & SFX Celebrity Management (the company responsible for the career of David Beckham)
Horseracing's elite: at The Jockey Club (Patron; HM The Queen)
Golf: BMW PGA, & Ryder Cup
Charity: OFC children's charitable trust

For the past 12 years, Cunningham has been writing thriller/crime novels with film in mind.