Robert Chatham

Author of:
"Noisome Beasts"

Robert Chatham (1981-present) always wanted to be an author. Instead, he grew up to become an IT worker, which is only slightly less interesting than it sounds.

Faced with a job that only required an hour's worth of work a day, Robert decided to finally get down to what he'd always planned to do: write something more complex than a short story. His first novella, Noisome Beasts, is a longer version of a series of ridiculous stories he’d written in college. Since Noisome Beasts was written, he's moved to two different cities, helped make a baby, and written four non-ridiculous novels. He is currently working on a fifth, and plans to release his first full-length novel, “The Dead Rise,” later this summer. He wants to say it’s the first Judy Blume book for atheist teenagers, but that’s probably wrong.