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Thank you for your interest in an invitation for an author interview with The Bookcast. Please take a minute to read this page carefully then click on the link at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

Bill Thompson at the microphone

Bill Thompson at the microphone

Let’s start with ​an important recent change — The Bookcast no longer considers non-narrative nonfiction titles. The only nonfiction that will be considered for an author interview is that which tells a story – e.g., memoir, biography, or history.

We also no longer consider children’s books other than “chapter books” for young readers.

​Now ​to the basic requirements:

  • Your book must be published – or just about to be.  In other words it’s finished, it’s out there, it’s available for purchase, or will be soon.  Please, no works-in-progress.
  • Your book should be no more than one year old.  Your backlist is excellent,we’re sure, but we’re looking for new and current books.
  • One title only, please.  Again, we’re sure your entire oeuvre is impressive, but if you have multiple titles being published at nearly the same time, choose the ONE you want to be interviewed for.

Now let’s get down to some details:

  • I am not interested in interviewing you for The Bookcast if your book is pornographic, hate-spewing, racist, homophobic, etc.  I reserve the unconditional right to decline an interview if, at my sole discretion, a book crosses the line.
  • Is your book of the highest quality it can be? If it is full of misspellings, bad grammar, poor punctuation, inept vocabulary (meaning you haven’t mastered the basic tools every writer must possess) sorry, no go.  I reserve the unconditional right, at my sole discretion, to decline an interview with any author on that basis.
  • The Bookcast interviews are in English only.  (Your book can be in another language, however.)
  • Are you under 18?  No problem, as long as I can get your parents’ permission to interview you.

Doing well so far? Excellent!

This part is very important:

What I need first is a sample of your book* — the first ten pages of published content  (excluding table of contents, foreword, dedication, prologue, etc). This “first ten” will help me assess your work, and if you are selected for an interview it will be posted on The Bookcast for readers to enjoy.

* Please do not direct me to your Amazon “Look Inside” feature.   I cannot use that as your “First Ten” pages sample.


There are also things I will need from you if you are selected for an interview, but you don’t have to send them now.

  • A synopsis of your book. Nothing long or complicated; something similar to what you would submit to Amazon is fine. This, too, will be used online.
  • Your photo.
  • Your bio.
  • Your personal contact info. This will NOT be published anywhere online, and is for my use only.


This next part is REALLY important!


Get Skype

All interviews for The Bookcast are conducted via Skype (audio only at this time). Skype is easily downloaded and installed, and you can set it up on virtually any device you use  –  computer, tablet, or even your phone.

The audio quality is best if you use a good-quality external microphone or headset.  We can suggest some that are very inexpensive.

So how did you do?

Most authors will meet all the criteria. If that’s you, then simply click the button below to be taken to a very short form. You’ll be automatically added to the queue of authors awaiting a possible interview. Don’t worry, that’s not as scary as it sounds. The queue isn’t very long – you’ll probably hear from us again within a few days.

If you don’t meet all the criteria ….

… don’t worry.  This is not a one-time-only offer.  Fix what needs to be fixed, and get back to us.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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