Alicia Hope

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Photo: Frank Hope

Alicia Hope, author, bass player and bird lover, has an appreciation for espresso coffee, fine chocolate, and good food. She lives in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, surrounded by rainforest, rare birds and butterflies, and, fortuitously, coffee plantations!

Stories have always been a big part of her life; reading them, listening to them, telling them, and writing them. From a young age, she composed stories, told ‘tall’ stories to anyone who’d listen, daydreamed stories (when she should’ve been working at maths!), and won prizes in story competitions, always certain that one day this would be her ‘job’ – and now it is! But she did the usual ‘corporate’ gig first, and enjoyed a successful career in human resources in a number of industries including Australian mining.

Alicia writes contemporary women’s fiction, romances, and ‘soft’ paranormals. She draws upon her experiences to create stories with credible characters and realistic situations and settings. Her books are feel-good reads, best enjoyed with a side-serving of barista-quality espresso, and a generous slab of fine chocolate.

Are you tempted yet? ;-)

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