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Bill Thompson

Creator / Host of The Bookcast

I’m a radio journalist by profession. Currently on the air on a major station in Washington, D.C., I’ve also worked for the Associated Press Radio Network, USA Today SkyRadio, and Voice of America.

Since 1985 I have interviewed well over nine thousand authors, including some of the biggest names in contemporary literature – Updike, Angelou, Asimov, Heller, Eco, Rushdie – and popular authors like Dave Barry, David Baldacci, Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, and Charlaine Harris too many times to count.

For 20 years my interviews were heard nationally, first via the Associated Press Radio Network and later on Metro Networks / Westwood One. In 2006 the opportunity to go “indie” presented itself and I grabbed it, taking Eye On Books to the web.

All those years I turned away self-published authors – initially because, in 1985, “vanity press” books were generally terrible books, difficult to find and purchase.

But by summer 2011 everything was different. A tidal wave of authors was going the “indie” route – even some well-known authors – and there was a burgeoning number of talented writers knocking on my door at Eye on Books.

That’s when The Bookcast was born. Devoted solely to interviews with indie authors, its aim is to introduce readers to these immensely talented writers.

The Bookcast

Discover Indie Authors

Bill Thompson at The Bookcast microphone

Bill Thompson at The Bookcast microphone

What I found when researching the indie author community is that there is an entire universe of websites that let indie authors connect with each other. But there were precious few that made the reader the main focus.

This is The Bookcast’s mission – to reach you, the reader, and help you find talented new writers whose work you will want to read.

Your feedback, comments, suggestions, and participation are crucial to what we do. Please comment on our interviews, write to me with your suggestions and comments, and use the Facebook and Twitter buttons on every page to share The Bookcast with your friends – and fellow readers.

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