Not A Vanity Website for Not-Vanity Books

October 10, 2011
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You’re going to like The Bookcast, which will give you a whole new way of discovering indie authors.

These are not “vanity” books – and The Bookcast is not a “vanity” website.

When I was a younger man, I once got a very official-looking letter in the mail informing me I had been chosen for inclusion in some directory of America’s most promising young people. What an honor, I thought – until I realized that the purpose of the “honor” was to sell the book. The only people who would ever buy it were those who were listed in it.

That is not what The Bookcast is. It is not a vanity website where authors can preen for each other, and their relatives. It is for you, the reader, hungry to find new talent.

Come be part of The Bookcast experience!

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