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What’s Been Going On

August 10, 2013

Hi folks … You’ve noticed we’ve been adding interviews at a more leisurely pace recently. The Bookcast is in the process of being moved to a new server, and the move is taking a bit longer than I’d anticipated, for reasons the wizard can’t pull back the curtain and reveal. There may also be, in the next few days, a brief period when the site looks and/or behaves differently than you’re used to. Thanks for…

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It’s a Small (Weird) World, After All

August 1, 2013
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Bill Durmer is in over his head. In filmmaker Wayne Franklin‘s debut novel “Midlife Mouse,” Bill Durmer, an underachieving genius, runs away to Walt Disney World in the mother of all midlife crises. Led by a series of bizarre encounters, a hyper-caffeinated delusion and a mysterious prophecy, Bill goes to the Magic Kingdom seeking his destiny. But a group of Disney haters will do almost anything to stop him. Pirates and princesses, morticians, moms and…

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