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The Fate of the World in the Hands of Two Teenagers

December 13, 2011
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To others at his new high school, Kaden is a typical teenage boy. To her friends and teachers, Aren is a typical teenage girl. But neither is what they appear to be, in Charles Pulsipher‘s fantasy novel “The Crystal Bridge.” Kaden, we learn, can open wormholes to distant worlds. Aren has a jaw-dropping gift of empathy that allows her to experience not just the memories but the souls of others. So what happens when these…

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A Love Story Across the Centuries

December 7, 2011

Over a hundred years ago, in a small town near the California coast, lived a young woman named Daphne Lindstrom. She was not only a beautiful woman, she was newly married to the most prominent citizen of Red Gap. Her strange disappearance created a local legend. Someone even wrote a book based on Daphne’s story. Now, in the present day, Red Gap is no longer a redwood logging town. As Christina Dudley imagines it, in…

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